Real business insight
happens in spreadsheets

Amongst an explosion of new data and dashboarding tools, we invariably end up back in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are the only tool that give you the flexibility to match the specifics of your business. There’s really nothing like it — a canvas on which you can play, move, touch, and feel data, while building compounding, sophisticated programs and analyses.

At Equals we're building the 3rd generation spreadsheet: one that works just like those that came before but fit for this era of work. We're starting with live, native, versioned data connections. Every analysis created today in Excel and Sheets is instantly stale — a broken link between work and data — that ultimately requires human intervention to maintain. Everything changes when the data in your spreadsheet is live and version controlled. And that's just phase one.

Join us for this adventure. We have many companies, from large enterprises to startups, currently experiencing the magic of Equals. Get started for early access and we'll be in touch.

Meet the team

Bobby Pinero
CEO and Co-founder

Ben McRedmond
CPO and Co-founder

Jamie Osler
Head of Engineering

William Collins
Founding Engineer

Martin Rariga
Founding Designer

Mauro Ribeiro
Software Engineer

Abbey Minondo
Business Operations

Vojtěch Udržal
Software Engineer

Mike Stewart
Software Engineer

Chris Burgner
Head of Finance & Analytics

Juhi Laungani
Executive Assistant

Marta Jamrozik
Head of Marketing

Cathal Coffey
Software Engineer

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